Sonora Photo Club
Welcome to Sonora Photo Club
The Sonora Photo Club was founded in 2005 in the California Gold Country town of Sonora to promote the art of photography. Photographers of all experience levels from beginner to professional are welcome to meet in a supportive and friendly environment where they can share their expertise and develop skills in all aspects of photography. 

Be sure to check out club member photographs by visiting the Member Photographs page.  Agendas and club minutes can be found on the Meetings/General Business page, and under About the Club you'll find more information on club activities on the News and Information page.

The Sonora Photo Club meetings are held once a month on the second Sunday of the month in the afternoon.

The deadline to enter your photographs in the 2015 
InFocus competition is March 19...Don't Wait!

2015 Call for Entries 

28th Annual InFocus Competition and Exhibition 

Sunday, April 26, 2015 - Sunday, May 3, 2015 

Angelos Hall, Columbia, CA 

Beginning with this 2015 annual exhibition, entries will be submitted electronically for the jurying process via the web-based competition management system, Smarter Entry. Only photos that are accepted for display through the jurying process will need to be framed and delivered for exhibition.  Check the InFocus website, for information and the Call for Entries (contains the Smarter Entry link).   

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Meetings are held on the second Sunday of each 
month from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., usually at the 
Tuolumne County Library 
in Sonora. 
What does the term blown-out mean in reference to a photograph?

"Describes the highlight area of an image when the exposure causes the highlights to appear pure white with no detail.  Can be really cool-looking, or just areas of devastation. These areas live at the right-hand side of the histogram, which I refer to as Ice Planet 255, where there is no sustainable life."

Joe McNally
Life Guide to Digital Photography/Life Books
A histogram is a graphic representation of a photograph that consists of 255 tones or shades and "0," with the darkest tones to the left and the lightest tones to the right.  At the extreme left is "0," with no color detail at all, pure black, and at the extreme right is 255, with no color detail at all, pure white.  This applies to both color and black and white photographs.